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Improvements in or relating to fluid displacement apparatus.

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Machines à déplacement de fluide.


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A scroll-type fluid displacement apparatus, in particular, a compressor unit, is disclosed. The apparatus includes a housing having a front end plate member (11) and fixed and orbiting scroll members. Each of the scroll members have an end plate (251, 261) and a spiral element (252, 262). Both the spiral elements interfit at an angular offset to make a plurality of line contacts to define at least one pair of sealed off fluid pockets. A driving mechanism, including a drive shaft (13) and a rotation preventing mechanism (371, 372), are disposed within the housing and are connected to the orbiting scroll member to effect the orbital motion of the orbiting scroll member by the rotation of the drive shaft. The front end plate member is comprised of a front end plate portion (11a) in which is formed an opening (111) for passage of the drive shaft, and an annular sleeve portion (11b) extending from a front end surface of the front end plate portion for surrounding the drive shaft. The drive shaft is rotatably supported by two bearing means (16, 19) which are disposed within the front end plate member. A shaft seal assembly (20) is assembled on the drive shaft within the front end plate member and is placed between the two bearing means. Therefore, the load of the two bearing means is reduced without increasing the length of the housing.

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