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EP 0059151 A1 19820901 - Built-in wood burning heating device with visible fire.

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Built-in wood burning heating device with visible fire.

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Heizgerät für Holz mit sichtbarem Feuer für den Einbau.

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Appareil de chauffage à bois encastrable à foyer apparent.


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1. Heating System which burns wood with hearth of a type made up of a metal casing (1) with a double wall (8) so that heat can be reused. The doors (13) are made of transluscent material with "avaloir" (2) located at the top end of the hearth and flame deflector (3) located in front of the flue (6), a base in the lower part of the basket (16) and ash collector (17) as well as a sliding door (18) used to regulate the draught characteristic of this apparatus is that there is no superstructure, that the exhaust of the funics is done through the upper part at the rear end and that the flame deflector (3) is located at the base of the flue at a closed angle it joins the vertical parts of the heating system and leaves a gap between the top of the casing and a or the sides of the plates forming the "avaloir", inclined toward the outside so that the space in front of the "manchon" of the fume deflector (6), the top of the casing, the sides of the "avaloir" (2), make a decompression volume (5), from which are extracted the fumes from the hearth, the section of the fumes conduct being equal or higher than 200 cm**2 (7) the walls of the casing are lined which refractory fire bricks which store the heat to give it off to the convection air at the bottom of the apparatus through a box with regulator flowing (11) into a double metallic wall through chicanes (9) which has the effect of enlarging the surface for heat exchange.

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L'invention concerne un appareil de chauffage à bois pouvant fonctionner à foyer ouvert ou fermé sur des conduits de fumée dont la section n'exede pas 200 cm²2 de section. I1 comprend un avaloir inférieur (2) permettant d'accélerer l'evacuation des fumées, unmanchon (6) situé sur la face antérieur de l'appareuil, un ou plusieurs panneaux en matériaux transparents (13) une double cloison à chicanes (8-9) avec circulation d'air ayant une double fonction, production de chaleur par air chaud et isolation thermique vis-à-vis des matériaux encastrants, un déflecteur de d'air chaud améliorant le chauffage et reduisant les salissures (19), un socle (15) muni d'une grille à bûche (16) et d'un cendrier (17). Parmi les applications les plus intéressantes de l'invention on peut citer l'équipement en chauffage d'appoint des appartements munis de conduits de faible section ainsi que dans tout autre type d'habitation où l'on recherche un foyer encasté.

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