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Flexible tip cardiac pacing catheter

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Katheter für Herzschrittmacher mit biegsamer Spitze

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Cathéter d'entraîneur cardiaque avec pointe flexible


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[origin: EP0109178A2] A flexible tip catheter for electrically stimulating the heart comprising an elongated body having an elongated passage therein and an elongated conductor partially in the passage. The elongated conductor has a distal end portion outside of the passage which is flexible and resilient along its length. The distal end portion includes a flexible resilient electrode exposed at the outer periphery of the catheter so that current can be passed along the conductor to the electrode to electrically stimulate the heart. The flexibility of the distal end portion and of the electrode greatly reduces the risk of penetration of the heart wall.

[origin: EP0109178A2] The catheter is fitted with a flexible, resilient, distal end portion and a flexible electrode. The resulting degree of stiffness of the distal end is such that if it is pushed against the heart wall it has insufficient column strength to perforate it but will instead bend or deflect and guide itself along the wall surface. The catheter electrically coupled to a pulse generator comprises inner and outer conductors with an external sheath of polytetrafluorethylene. To achieve flexibility, the inner and outer conductors are formed from contiguous coils of round and flat wire respectively. At the distal end, the insulating sheath is removed and the outer conductor cut back so that the two exposed conductors act as the flexible electrodes.

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