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Soft-soled safety shoe.

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Chaussure de sécurité à semelle molle.


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An illuminated sport shoe, particularly for running or jogging, is provided to enhance the safety of the wearer when running when visability is poor. The shoe includes an upper, and an integral sole and heel piece of resilient material. A cavity is defined in the integral sole and heel piece adjacent the heel portion of the shoe, and a battery, or like source of e.m.f., is mounted in the cavity. A light source, such as an L.E.D., is mounted with the shoe, and one light source can be mounted in the integral sole and heel piece at the heel of the shoe, and another in the upper at the toe portion of the shoe. An integrated circuit chip or mercury switch is provided to effect flashing of the light source when connected to the battery, and a switch is provided for operatively selectively connecting and disconnecting the light source to and from the battery. The chip and battery can be encapsulated in resilient material to provide an insert which has an interference fit with the walls defining the cavity in the integral sole and heel piece of the shoe.

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