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[origin: ES290737U] The invention relates to a slide fastener, which is particularly well suited for ornamental purposes. The slide fastener comprises teeth, which are arranged in two juxtaposed rows so that each teeth is adapted to interlock with adjacent teeth of the opposite row. The slide fastener is adapted to be opened and closed by a slider. The slide fastener should have a high flexibility in conjunction with a higher stability and should be adapted to carry ornamental stones or to be used as an ornamental fastener in itself. Besides, the slide fasteners, with the exception of the slider, should be adapted to be made as an endless strip on a machine. And the slide fastener should be adapted to be used as an ornamental braid without a textile carrying strap. Such ornamental braid should have a slider for opening and closing the braid and for adjusting its length. To accomplish said objects each tooth of the slide fastener has a preferably rounded rear portion that is enlarged in width and adjacent teeth of the same row are interconnected by laterally protruding lugs and/or pins so that they are movable relative to each other. In another embodiment each tooth has a preferably rounded rear portion which is enlarged in width and the rear portions of the teeth of each row are relatively movably connected by crosspins to a textile fabric consisting particularly of a strap.

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