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EP 0140246 A1 1985-05-08 - A thin film electroluminescent display device.

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A thin film electroluminescent display device.

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Dispositif d'affichage électroluminescent à film mince.


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A thin film electroluminescent display device comprising a transparent electrode layer, a segmented electrode layer, an electroluminescent phosphor layer between the electrode layers, and an improved dark field material disposed as a layer between the phosphor and segmented electrode layers. The improved dark field layer is of a composition of a dielectric material, such as the preferred magnesium oxide, and a noble metal, which in the preferred version is gold. These materials comprising the dark field composition may be co-evaporated by an electron beam evaporation or other suitable deposition technique. The composition of dark field material provides for contrast enhancement is non-toxic, and is readily analyzable.

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