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EP 0204293 A1 1986-12-10 - Solenoid construction and method for making the same.

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Solenoid construction and method for making the same.

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Solenoidanordnung und ihr Herstellungsverfahren.

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Solenoide et sa méthode de fabrication.


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A proportional solenoid has a fixed pole piece (39) and a movable armature (45), both fitted into the bore (52) of a guide tube (36) that provides the required concentricity between the fixed and movable pole pieces (39) and (45). One of the pole pieces has a cylindrical recess (56) and the other pole piece has a reduced diameter cylindrical nose (62) that is complementary to cylindrical recess (56). A radially inwardly facing frusto-conical surface (95) is formed in cylindrical nose (62) to be disposed within recess (56) of the other pole piece and provide a frusto-conical pole piece section producing a linear force-stroke curve.

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