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Asymmetrically accelerated vibrator for feeding materials.

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Asymmetrisch beschleunigter Vibrator zur Materialförderung.

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Vibrateur accéléré asymétriquement pour le transport de matériaux.


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EP 86100822 A 19860122

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An asymmetrical vibrator is provided, which is actuated by compressed air. The vibrator operates in a case (10), which has two bores (16, 20) disposed parallel on opposite sides of the casing. One of the bores is smaller than the second bore and the piston (14) operating in the small bore (16) is called the slow piston, since it is actuated with air to a relatively slow motion and the piston (18) operating in the second larger bore (20) is called the fast piston, since it is moves at a larger speed when driven directly by the compressed air. The asymmetric vibration motion can be employed to transport materials upwardly in factories and assembly stations. The air operated asymmetric vibrators need low maintenance and do not entail the spark dangers caused by the presence of electrical wiring for electrical drive motors.

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