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EP 0235307 A1 1987-09-09 - Method for waterproofing treatment of leather.

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Method for waterproofing treatment of leather.

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Verfahren zur wasserdichtmachenden Behandlung von Leder.

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Procédé d'imperméabilisation du cuir.


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The present invention provides, in a process for chrome tanning hide, a method for imparting hide with waterproofness, which is a method for waterproofing treatment of leather which is characterized by that in a greasing step falling in the last step of the chrome tanning process, hide after dyeing treatment is subjected to drumming with a treating solution containing two greasing agents having a hydrophobic effect and one waterproofing agent for a required time thereby imparting said hide with oily feel and waterproofness, and thereafter is subjected to re-chrome tanning and subsequently to water-repellent treatment.

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