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EP 0260635 A2 1988-03-23 - Electrophoresis-mass spectrometry probe.

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Electrophoresis-mass spectrometry probe.

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Sonde für Elektrophorese-Massenspektrometrie.

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Capteur à électrophorèse-spectrométrie à masses.


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The invention involves a new technique for the separation of complex mixtures of chemicals, which utilizes a unique interface probe for conventional mass spectrometers which allows the electrophoretically separated compounds to be analyzed in real-time by a mass spectrometer. This new chemical analysis interface,which couples electrophoresis with mass spectrometry, allows complex mixtures to be analyzed very rapidly, with much greater specificity, and with greater sensitivity. The interface or probe provides a means whereby large and/or polar molecules in complex mixtures to be completely characterized. The preferred embodiment of the probe utilizes a double capillary tip which allows the probe tip to be continually wetted by the buffer, which provides for increased heat dissipation,and results in a continually operating interface which is more durable and electronically stable than the illustrated single capillary tip probe interface.

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