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EP 0342667 B1 1996-01-24 - Automatic call distribution system

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Automatic call distribution system

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Automatisches Anrufverteilsystem

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Système de distribution d'appels automatique


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[origin: EP0342667A2] An automatic call distribution system includes a network switch (11) having a plurality of pilot extensions (P1, P2), a plurality of agents (A, B, C) being split into a plurality of agent groups, trunks (17, 18) provided for each of the pilot extensions, and line circuits (22, 23) provided for each of the agents. The system also includes a memory (16) which stores a route table provided for each of the pilot extensions. The route table defines some agent groups among the plurality of agent groups. The defined agent groups are to be connected to the related one of pilot extensions. A control circuit (12 - 15) seeks an idle agent relating to the agent groups defined by the related one of the route tables, and establishes a route between the call and the sought idle agent through the related trunk, network switch, and line circuit.

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