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EP 0344031 A1 19891129 - Joint structure between the head and the shaft of a golf club.

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Joint structure between the head and the shaft of a golf club.

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Verbindung zwischen Schaft und Kopf eines Golfschlägers.

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Raccord entre le manche et la tête d'un club de golf.


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The present invention relates to a method in which, during the assembly of a shaft (20) and a head (30) of a golf club (10) by fitting together and connecting two assembly parts (22, 40) having complementary bearing zones and integral respectively with the shaft (20) and with the head (30) of the golf club, it is necessary to be able to modify the lie angle of the shaft (20) of the club. …<??>In order to facilitate this modification, various bearing points (43-48) of the internal assembly part (40) are provided in the external assembly part (22) as a function of the different desired lie angles, and only the bearing point or points corresponding to the desired lie angle at the time of fitting together are retained. …<IMAGE>…

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