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EP 0350431 B2 20000802 - Continuous casting method for production slabs compared to cast condition with a reduced thickness

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Continuous casting method for production slabs compared to cast condition with a reduced thickness

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Stranggiessverfahren für die Erzeugung von Brammen mit einer gegenüber dem Gusszustand verringerten Dicke

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Procédé de coulée continue pour la fabrication de brames avec une épaisseur réduite en présence d'état brut de coulée


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[origin: EP0350431A2] The invention relates to a continuous casting method for producing slabs with a reduced thickness compared to cast condition, in which steel is poured into an open-ended mould and a strand which is partially solidified in cross-section is guided between two pairs of rollers and withdrawn by means of driven rollers, and individual rollers from pairs of rollers can be hydraulically adjusted so as to act in a deforming manner with respect to the strand. In order to provide a method with which, even with the continuous casting machine, a product with a high proportion (>/=80%) in rolling texture is made available, which is coilable with the thickness leaving the casting machine, it is proposed that the rotational speed, the current consumption of the driven rollers and the contact pressure of the rollers be measured and each supplied to a controller, that each controller determining the rotational speed of individual driven rollers is adjustable via an overriding controller in such a way that the end measure and the withdrawal speed of the strand are determined by at least one pair of rollers which can be placed against stops, determine the thickness of the strand and act in a deforming manner on part of the strand which has already completely solidified, and that upstream and/or downstream rollers are adjusted in the rotational speed and the current consumption of their drives in dependence on the change in shape of the strand produced by the rollers which can be placed against stops. …<IMAGE>…

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