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EP 0358803 A1 1990-03-21 - Method for forming compacts with integral consolidation containers.

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Method for forming compacts with integral consolidation containers.

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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Vorformen mit völlig befestigten Umhüllungen.

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Procédé pour la fabrication de structures avec enveloppes à raidissement intégral.


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A method for forming fiber reinforced titanium alloy composite is taught. The composite is formed with an inner and outer high density skin of titanium base alloy prepared by RF plasma spray depositing larger size particles of the alloy. The first skin is formed on a substrate, the fiber reinforcement is applied over the inner portion of the first skin and then a second skin is RF plasma deposited over the reinforcement and outer or edge portions of the first skin to seal the contents of the composite. The composite is then hot isostatic pressed to densify its contents without being enclosed in any auxilliary container such as the conventional HIPing container.

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