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Process for smoothing a paper or cardboard web

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Verfahren zum Glätten einer Papier- oder Kartonbahn

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Procédé de lissage d'une rande de papier ou de carton


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[origin: EP0370185A1] The smoothing takes place in a smoothing zone (2), in which the operation is carried out under pressure using temperature and moisture. The desired smoothness is achieved with a correspondingly long residence time of the web of material (1) in a smoothing zone (2) which is correspondingly long having regard to the velocity of the web. A still moist web (1) is guided between heatable surfaces (3, 4) which are arranged on both sides of the web (1), face each other across the web, extend in parallel and can each be pressed against the web. The surfaces (3, 4) are constructed over their entire length for forming and holding a given, defined contour of smoothing zone (2). The one surface (3) is, for example, constructed as an outer surface (5) of a heated cylinder (6) and the second surface (4) is constructed as a continuous flexible belt (7) which can be pressed towards the outer surface (5) of the cylinder by means of a concave support element (8). <??>If desired, the web (1) can be smoothed on both sides using the method. <IMAGE>

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