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EP 0399540 B2 2000-07-05 - Method and device for wrapping products in a hood of stretchable film and packaging unit shaped with this

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Method and device for wrapping products in a hood of stretchable film and packaging unit shaped with this

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Umhüllen von Stückgut mit einer Stretchfolienhaube und hiermit zu bildende Verpackungseinheit

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Procédé et dispositif pour envelopper des marchandises avec une housse de film étirable et ensemble d'emballage formé avec ceux-ci


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[origin: EP0399540A1] The invention relates to a method for wrapping products (2) - in particular stacked product parts such as, and in particular, substantially parallelipipedic or cubic product stacks consisting of a plurality of superposed and substantially flush layers of product - by means of a tubular section (1) of stretchable film whose original circumference is less than the circumference of the product (2) to be wrapped which, before being drawn over the product, is stretched in its circumferential direction to an extent which makes it possible to draw it effortlessly over the product, and which, after being drawn over, rests closely on the product with the expansion being retained, the section of stretchable film being sealed off at one of its ends, with the formation of a welded joint (13), to form a hood (1') of (stretchable) film, the weld extending, after wrapping, substantially centrally and parallel to two mutually opposite edges of the end faces (17) of the product, the length L of the welded joint being at least about 85 to 90% of the length of the edges of the end faces of the product stack which, in the wrapped state, are parallel to the said weld, and a device for carrying out the abovementioned method and a packaging unit to be formed by means of the abovementioned method and/or of the abovementioned device. <IMAGE>

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