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EP 0436839 A1 19910717 - Improved lids for plastic packages with carrying handle.

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Improved lids for plastic packages with carrying handle.

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Deckel für Kunststoffbehälter mit Tragevorrichtung.

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Couvercles pour récipients en matière plastique ayant une anse.


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The lid (4) comprises a substantially planar element having an edge portion adapted for engagement with the upper edge of a container (1) having two opposite faces whereto the ends of a band-like element (2) are riveted. The band-like element (2) is positioned on the bottom of the container for stacking purposes. A cut is provided in the lid (4) to define two flaps (11,12). The flaps (11,12) can be elastically displaced for permitting the band-like element to be inserted into the cut, when the band-like element is raised to a carrying position and the lid (4) is lowered onto the container.

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