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Bottle crate cover panels.

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Abdeckplatten für Flaschenkasten.

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Feuilles de couverture pour caisse de bouteilles.


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The invention relates to a cover panel (10) for closing the open top of a bottle crate. The cover panel (10) comprises a main central panel (12) and a marginal strip (14,16) hinged to the main panel (12) along hinge lines (18,20) which extend adjacent to the tops of the bottles arranged in an outer row of the bottles contained within the crate. The cover panel (10) further comprises a plurality of bottle cap engaging formations (f) provided along the hinge line (18,20). Displacement of the marginal strip (14,16) out of the plane of the main central panel (10) causes each of the engaging formations (f) to take a form in which it can receive a bottle cap so as to secure the cover panel (10) on or within the open top of the bottle crate. <IMAGE>

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