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EP 0454909 B1 19950412 - Absorbing fluid receiver for solar dynamic power generation and solar dynamic power system.

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Absorbing fluid receiver for solar dynamic power generation and solar dynamic power system.

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Empfänger mit Fluidabsorber für Raumsolargenerator und Raumsolarsystem.

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Récepteur à fluide absorbeur pour générateur solaire spatial et système solaire spatial.


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Abstract (en)

[origin: CA2016034A1] A receiver is described for a solar dynamic power generator. The generator has a heat cycle engine to generate power. The receiver has a working fluid including a radiant energy absorber selected from halogens and interhalogens. The receiver also has a hollow, cylindrical containment for containing the working fluid having a first end, a second end and an inner wall. A hollow, cylindrical member, is disposed within the containment. The cylindrical member has an inner wall and an outer wall, and defines a toroidal working fluid flow space within the containment and a receiving space within the inner wall of the cylindrical member. A window is disposed in the first end of the containment for admitting solar radiation in the receiving space and heating working fluid contained in the receiving space. The heated working fluid in the receiving space travels toward the first end of the containment. A latent heat storing material is disposed in the flow space between the outer wall of the cylindrical member and the inner wall of the containment for storing heat absorbed by the working fluid in the receiving space. Means are provided for coupling the working fluid with a heat engine, wherein, at the end of the heat cycle, the working fluid is reintroduced into the receiving space toward the second end of the containment.

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