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EP 0480868 A1 1992-04-15 - A fabric for supporting a web.

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A fabric for supporting a web.

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Gewebe zum Transportieren einer Papierbahn.

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Tissu pour transporter une bande de papier.


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A fabric (10) is disclosed for supporting a web in a papermaking machine. The fabric (10) includes a base(14) which defines a first and a second side(16, 18). The base(14) includes a plurality of hydrophobic filaments (20,22), and a first layer of fibers (24) is disposed contiguously relative to the first side(16) with the first layer of fibers (24)being applied onto the first side(16) of the base(14). A second layer of fibers (26) is disposed contiguously relative to the second side(18) of the base(14) with the second layer of fibers (26) being applied onto the second side(18) of the base(14). At least one of the layers of fibers (24, 26) includes a mixture of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers. The layers(24,26) and the base(14) are combined such that the fabric(10) has a low permeability permitting water to be absorbed thereby while inhibiting rewetting of the web. <IMAGE>

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