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EP 0507308 B1 19950308 - Plant for making reinforced panels for roofs and walls.

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Plant for making reinforced panels for roofs and walls.

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Anlage zur Herstellung von armierten plattenförmigen Decken- und Wandelementen.

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Installation pour la fabrication de dalles renforcées pour parois et plafonds.


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[origin: EP0507308A1] Plant for manufacturing wall, double-wall and ceiling panels, which are provided with transverse and longitudinal iron reinforcement bars and lattice girders or the like, as prefabricated concrete parts which are assembled at the point of use into a wall or ceiling of a building or the like and are possibly filled up with site-mixed concrete, closing in the lattice girder regions or the like projecting above the panel surface, to form the finished wall or ceiling, with a number of pallets, each of which serves to receive one or more panels to be manufactured, even with different dimensioning, outline form and/or cutouts, and which are guided movably in a circulation path which, seen in the direction of movement, comprises a series of manufacturing stations (21 - 32), at least the station (24) for positioning the longitudinal reinforcement bars being assigned an alignment and cutting machine (33) and/or the station (25) for positioning the lattice girders being assigned a lattice girder machine (35), from which the longitudinal reinforcement bars, which are matched to the pallet (39) in each case moved into the reinforcement station for the positioning of the lattice girders or to the panels to be constructed thereon, are, in a suitably centrally controlled manner, cut to length and delivered and set down in a distributed manner, in such a manner that, with a view to continuous and thus economical mode of operation even in the event of the occurrence of faults, there is arranged between the alignment and cutting machine or its output and the reinforcement station for the longitudinal reinforcement and/or between the lattice girder machine and the station for the positioning of the lattice girders a storage device (37 or 38), in which a number of longitudinal reinforcement bars (47) can be received in a stocked up manner in dimensioning and spatial distribution adapted to one or more panels and can be supplied in a centrally controlled manner to the associated reinforcement station or to the station for the positioning of the lattice girders.

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