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Sheet handling apparatus.

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Vorrichtung zum Behandeln von Blättern.

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Appareil pour le traitement de feuilles.


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[origin: EP0517404A2] A sheet handling apparatus includes transport means (40,42) for feeding a stack of sheets, such as currency notes, from a position in which the stack is accessible to a user of the apparatus into a secure container. A stack banding device (138) is arranged to form a band around the stack during feeding of the stack from said accessible position into said container. The band comprises two self-adhesive labels which are respectively peeled off two carrier strips (166) wound around two spools (168) included in the stack banding device (138). A printer is arranged to print stack identification data on each band. The stack banding device (138) may be used in an ATM for identifying a stack of currency notes which a customer has failed to collect at an exit port of the ATM and which has been fed into a rejected note container. <IMAGE>

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