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Dispositif de chasse d'eau


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[origin: EP0529237A1] A device for controlling a flushing action in the region of a toilet bow has a float (4) which is movably guided in a casing (1), a lifting element (5) which is movable in the direction of a longitudinal axis (2) of the casing and a sealing element (6) which is connected to the lifting element (5) and can be turned towards a flushing aperture arranged in the region of a flushing box which accommodates the casing (1). A device for controlling a flushing action is provided with a presettable minimum flushing quantity and with a presettable interruption of the flushing action once the minimum flushing quantity has been delivered. The casing (1) has a control aperture (8) which forms regions of the device and in the region of which a control element (9) is guided, which is essentially designed as a seal, which is connected to a positioning element (10). The positioning element (10) is essentially rod-like. It extends essentially parallel to the longitudinal axis (2) of the casing. The control element (9) is essentially designed as a sealing disc. In the region of at least one bounding surface (46) of the control element (9) is arranged at least one cross piece (11), which is arranged essentially perpendicular to the control element (9) and centrically in relation to the positioning element (10). At least one cross piece (11) is in each case arranged in the region of an upper bounding surface in a vertical direction and also in the region of a lower bounding surface in a vertical direction, of the control element (9). At least three cross pieces (11) are arranged in each case roughly in the shape of a star relative to the positioning element (10). A shoulder (13) is arranged in the region of the control aperture (8), which shoulder (13) extends essentially in the direction of the longitudinal axis (2) of the casing, so as to extend delimitation of the control aperture (8). <IMAGE>

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