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Be- und Entladeanordnung

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Machine (dé)chargeuse


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[origin: EP0569788A1] The object of the invention is to provide a loading and unloading arrangement by means of which the time-saving loading and unloading of a conveyor of a handling appliance is possible, whether in an autoclave or in a store or in another handling appliance, such as an appliance for infusing or boiling or freezing. A primary conveying device (PF) is provided for transferring the article (S) to and from a loading and unloading apparatus (1.1, 2.1) for the conveyor (F). By this means, the article (S) is transported to or away from a feed conveyor (1.9, 2.8). The article (S) is guided away from the feed conveyor (1.9, 2.8) to the conveyor (F) or away from the latter by means of transfer apparatuses (U1, U2) upstream of the conveyor (F). With such an arrangement, the article (S) can change over in rapid sequence between freshly introduced product and treated product, because the inward and outward transport can occur on one side and the loading and unloading on the other side, at a distance from each other. <IMAGE>

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