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Combination of silver halide photographic material and radiographic intensifying screens

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Kombination von photographischen Silberhalogenidmaterial und radiographischen Verstärkerschirmen

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Combinaison de matériau photographique à l'halogénure d'argent et d'écrans renforçateurs radiographiques


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[origin: EP0577027A1] An improved combination for forming a radiographic image comprises an intensifying screen which is high-sensitive and shows high contrast transfer function values and a silver halide photographic material having a specifically defined sensitivity: that is, 0.010-0.035 lux.second of exposure dose is required to obtain an image having a density of 0.5 more than the minimum density on its photosensitive layer: the density is determined by the steps of exposing the photosensitive layer to monochromatic light of which wavelength is the same as the main emission wavelength of the above intensifying screen and of which half width is 15+/-5 nm, developing at 35 DEG C for 25 seconds in the specified developing solution, removing the photosensitive layer on the side reverse to the exposed side and then measuring the density of the remaining photosensitive layer. Another combination based on the analogous concept is also disclosed.

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