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EP 0587247 B1 2000-01-19 - Dielectric resonator antenna with wide bandwidth

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Dielectric resonator antenna with wide bandwidth

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Dielektrische Resonatorantenne mit grosser Bandbreite

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Antenne diélectrique de résonateur à large bande


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[origin: EP0587247A1] The invention relates to a dielectric resonator antenna system which exhibits an unusually wide bandwidth. This is achieved by chosing a patch antenna/dielectric resonator combination with shape and dimensions such that resonance modes over a continuous range wavelengths can be established therein. The bandwidth and transmission properties of the device are further improved by including a dielectric coupling element (between the dielectric resonator and air) whose antireflection characteristics are optimised for a wavelength which is slightly different from the maximum wavelength of the patch antenna. <IMAGE>

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