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Radiating element for an antenna array and sub-set with such elements

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Elementarstrahler für Gruppenantenne und solche Strahler enthaltende Baugruppe

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Source élémentaire rayonnante pour antenne réseau et sous-ensemble rayonnant comportant de telles sources


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[origin: EP0598656A1] The invention relates to a wideband radiating element for an antenna array, using microstrip technology. According to the invention, a patch (2) etched on a dielectric substrate (1) is placed at the bottom of a cavity (7) defined by conducting walls (8) which are, for example, cylindrical or of more complicated geometry. According to variants, the conducting wall (8) can pass through the dielectric substrate (1) in order to form an electrical contact with the earth plane (6); or a second resonator, which consists of a second patch (12) etched on a second thin dielectric substrate (11) may be placed in front of the cavity (7). The invention also deals with radiating sub-arrays produced from several of these radiating elements, as well as with antenna arrays produced from several of these sub-arrays. <IMAGE>

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