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EP 0605880 B2 2000-11-15 - Blister package for articles

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Blister package for articles

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Blisterpackung für Gegenstände

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Emballage de type blister pour articles


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[origin: EP0605880A2] In order to hold even articles which are complicated in terms of shape satisfactorily and without separation in a package, said package being producible with little expenditure, it is proposed to improve a package 1 for articles 2, consisting of interconnected parts between which the article 2 is arranged, and the one part being a plastic film 6' provided with a receiving pocket for surrounding the article 2, in such a way that the first part is a flat, shaped plastic film, and that the second part is a plastic film 6' which is provided with a bulge corresponding precisely to the outer surface contour of the product to be packaged. <IMAGE>

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