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Exchangeable press bushing

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Auswechselbare Andrückhülse

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Douille de pression interchangeable


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[origin: EP0614838A1] A web transporting device which can be used in a rotary printing machine or a folding apparatus comprises a rotatable, driven transporting roller (10) with a fixed axis and at least one engageable pressure roller (12) whose axis is essentially parallel to the said fixed axis and which can be engaged with the driven transporting roller (10). The engageable pressure roller (12) has a length which corresponds to a maximum width of the web to be processed in the printing machine. An exchangeable pressure sleeve (14) is provided, which is mounted axially on the engageable pressure roller (12). The exchangeable pressure sleeve (14) has at least one annular gap along its axial length, which gap allows the web to curl when passing through the web transporting device without permanent folds or creases being formed therein. A counterweight mechanism (56) is also provided, which stabilises the engageable pressure roller (12) in a maintenance position while the exchangeable pressure sleeve (14) is being exchanged. <IMAGE>

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