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EP 0623896 B1 2000-07-05 - Chip card and chip card reading device

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Chip card and chip card reading device

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Chipkarte und Lesegerät für eine Chipkarte

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Carte à puce et dispositif de lecture d'une carte à puce


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[origin: EP0623896A2] A chip card is proposed having a microcomputer located on the chip card and a program and data connected to the said microcomputer, in which the data are stored compressed in the memory. In addition, the chip card contains a decoding table, so that the microprocessor is capable of decompressing the compressed data before reading out. By this means, significantly more information can be stored on the chip card in the same memory volume, without the connected device noting this. By means of a corresponding reading device it is possible to cause the cards to be read out in compressed or in decompressed form. Through this, the data throughput in chip card readers can be considerably increased, if large quantities of data are to be read out within a short time. Reading devices in chip cards are particularly advantageously applied in broadcast receivers in which data, for example RDS data, are transmitted as information additional to the broadcast programme. <IMAGE>

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