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Ankle brace

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Support pour la cheville


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[origin: DE4318588C1] The ankle joint orthesis comprises a U-shaped joint cuff with a web of flexible material extending underneath the foot. The joint cuff (20) comprises two malleolar splints (21, 121) which are connected via a web (22), extending under the heel, and a wide tape (23) on the back side so as to expose the heel and the insertion point of the Achilles tendon, as well as via a strap (25; 25') of variable length on the front side in the upper region. It also comprises a metatarsal part (30) which has flaps medially and laterally which grip around the edges of the foot laterally and medially and form the connection for two diagonal straps (40, 140) and a transverse strap (50) connecting the flaps. On the side of the foot sole, the metatarsal part (30) is connected by a highly flexible web (35) acting as a joint to the web (22) of the joint cuff (20). The diagonal straps (40; 140) are fitted such that a diagonal strap (140) is guided from the medial flap over the proximal back of the foot to the external malleolar splint (21) and fastened thereon, and that the other diagonal strap (40) is guided from the lateral flap (31) to the internal malleolar splint (121) and fastened thereon (Fig. 1). <IMAGE>

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