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Curable composition

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Härtbare Zusammensetzung

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Composition durcissable


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[origin: EP0627472A2] A room temperature curable composition suitable as top coat and providing coating films having good properties such as surface appearance, gloss, stain resistance, weatherability and adhesion and a small contact angle with water, which comprises (A) an acrylic copolymer having a specific reactive silicon-containing group such as alkoxysilyl group, (B) a specific hydrolyzable silicon compound and/or its partial hydrolysis condensation product, (C) a specific curing catalyst such as an organic carboxylic acid, a combination of an organic carboxylic acid with an organic amine, or an organometallic compound, and (D) an adhesion improving agent such as a silane coupling agent or its reaction product with an epoxy compound.

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