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Headbox for a papermaking machine

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Stoffauflauf einer Papiermaschine

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Caisse de tête pour une machine à papier


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[origin: EP0631011A1] The invention relates to a headbox system of a paper machine having the following features: 1.1 a central distributor is provided for the uniform distribution of the stock suspension, having an integrated attenuation system; 1.2 a forming unit constructed modularly in rows is provided; 1.2.1 at least one module per row being provided as a line connecting module; 1.2.2 a nozzle module being provided in each case; 1.2.3 at least one intermediate module - for example a formation module, a turbulence module, a diffusor module, a rectifier module, a perforated roll module or any desired combinations of these - being provided; 1.2.4 the intermediate modules being provided symmetrically with respect to at least one plane in the machine direction; 1.2.5 the flange elements of the modules being provided to be compatible with each other; 1.3 a multiplicity of optionally flexible connecting lines between distributor and forming unit are provided. <IMAGE>

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