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Door locking system

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Système de verrouillage pour porte


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[origin: US5377785A] A door closing system for subsequent installation on an automatic sliding door of an elevator car is coupled, at floor stops, via cams and couplings with the hoistway door and is opened and closed together therewith, wherein the closing system prohibits opening of the elevator door from the inside of the car when the car is between two floors, i.e., outside the door opening zone of a floor, wherein a rocker mechanism is affixed to a fixed or movable cam of the clutch and coupling mechanism of the door, the rocker mechanism being tilted by coupler brackets of the hoistway door during normal operation of the door within the door opening zone and, via a transfer means, removes a locking pawl from a hook retainer and thus mechanically frees the door for opening, with the rocker mechanism not being actuatable outside of the door opening zone and blocking the car door via the locking pawl that is kept in a mechanically interlocked position via a compression spring.

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