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Security seal

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Scellé infalsifiable


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[origin: EP0642110A1] According to the invention, there is provided a tamper evident security seal suitable for tying the neck of a bag or the like. The seal comprises a strap (1) having a free end and a housing (2) at its opposite end. The housing has a passage therethrough into one end of which the free end of the strap can be slidingly inserted and passed out through the other end of the passage so that the strap forms a loop. Teeth (8) project obliquely into the passage between its ends so as to engage with the strap inside the passage, the teeth being made of material which is hard relative to the material of the strap, whereby the teeth permit sliding insertion of the strap into the passage but resist sliding withdrawal therefrom. The end surfaces of the teeth (8) in engagement with the strap (1) form cutting edges, so that attempted forced withdrawal of the strap from the passage will cause the teeth to cut the strap. <IMAGE>

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