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EP 0649057 B1 20000112 - A photographic processing composition and a processing process therewith

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A photographic processing composition and a processing process therewith

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Photographische Verarbeitungszusammensetzung und zugehöriges Verarbeitungsverfahren

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Composition de traitement photographique et méthode de traitement l'utilisant


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[origin: EP0649057A2] A processing composition for a silver halide photographic material, which comprises at least one of Fe (III), Mn (III), Co (III), Rh (II), Rh (III), Au (II), Au (III), and Ce (IV) chelate compounds of a compound represented by formula (I) or a salt thereof: <CHEM> wherein R<1> represents a hydrogen atom, an aliphatic group or an aromatic group; R<2> represents an aromatic group; L<3> represents a divalent aliphatic group; n represents 0 or 1; X<1> represents a hydrogen atom or -L<4>-A<2>; L<1>, L<2> and L<4> each represents a divalent aliphatic group, a divalent aromatic group, or a divalent linkage group comprising a combination thereof; A<1> and A<2> each represent a carboxy group, a phosphono group, a sulfo group, or a hydroxy group; and Z represents an oxygen atom or a sulfur atom.

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