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EP 0649268 B1 2000-07-26 - Appliance for the signal transmission from an amplifier to a loudspeaker

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Appliance for the signal transmission from an amplifier to a loudspeaker

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Vorrichtung für die Signalübertragung von einem Verstärker auf einen Lautsprecher

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Dispositif pour la transmission des signaux d'un amplificateur sur un haut-parleur


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[origin: EP0649268A1] A device for transmitting signals from an amplifer (8) to a loudspeaker (9) consists of a cable (1) having a number of forward and return conductors (2, 2') electrically connected to one another at their ends and a sound modification element (14) which exhibits a series inductance (L1, L2) and a series resistor (R1, R2). Using the sound modification element (14), the cable (1) can be optimally adapted to the given loudspeaker/amplifier combination (8, 9). The signal transmission device also exhibits an attenuator (13) at the cable end at the load. The attenuator (13) suppresses the tendency to oscillation of the amplifer which can occur in the case of cables having a high capacitance. In particular, long cable lengths which lead to a particularly high capacitance, thus do not present any problems in the signal transmission device according to the invention. <IMAGE>

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