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Alarm system with a radio link between the peripheral stations and a central unit

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Funkalarmanlage mit einer Funkstrecke zwischen den Aussenstationen und der Zentraleinheit einer Alarmanlage

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Système d'alarme avec une liaison radio entre les stations périphériques et l'unité centrale


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[origin: DE4337211C1] The invention relates to a radio alarm system with a radio link between the remote stations (peripheral stations) and the central unit of the alarm system, the radio signals containing data messages which represent one event each and the central unit being tuned to the radio signals of the remote stations associated with the alarm system. The object of the invention is to improve a radio alarm system of this type in such a way that disturbances in the radio transmission can be reduced with reasonable outlay. According to the invention, this is achieved in that the transmission frequency of the remote stations is changed in each case after the transmission of one or more blocks of information, each block of information being transmitted a plurality of times. The available transmission spectrum is scanned in the central unit and it is evaluated whether all reported sensors have transmitted a message during a predetermined time interval. In the central unit, it is furthermore checked whether or not the error rate of the transmitted messages exceeds a predetermined value. <IMAGE>

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