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Dryer section of a paper machine

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Trockenpartie einer Papiermaschine

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Section de séchage d'une machine à papier


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[origin: US5379528A] A drying section of a paper making machine has a series of single tier drying groups, all with their respective felt belts arranged so that the drying cylinders are in contact with and dry one side of the web. The single tier groups are followed by one double tier drying group wherein the web passes such that the top side, then the bottom side, then the top side, then the bottom side, etc. of the web is in contact with successive drying cylinders arranged in two rows. Steam under pressure is supplied to all the drying cylinders. In the double tier group of drying cylinders, the steam pressure supplied to a first set of drying cylinders in sequence is higher than the steam pressure supplied to a second set of drying cylinders.

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