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Control of replenishment during photographic development

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Steuerung der Nachfüllung und Regenerierung während der photographischen Entwicklung

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Contrôle du remplissage pendant le développement photographique


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[origin: EP0660175A2] An improved developer and associated replenisher is provided which can be analyzed in a single non-invasive measurement. One advantage of the improved developer is the ability to indirectly measure the activity of the developer and replenisher and to determine if the solutions are properly prepared. These and other advantages are provided in a system for converting an image-wise exposed silver halide photographic film to a viewable image comprising: a development means wherein said image-wise exposed silver halide is reduced to elemental silver with subsequent depletion of said development means; a fixing means wherein unexposed silver halide is removed from said photographic film; a replenishing means for said development means wherein said replenishing means comprises at least two titratably distinct components.

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