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EP 0660285 B1 20000202 - Method for increasing the fault security of a radio alarm system

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Method for increasing the fault security of a radio alarm system

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Verfahren zur Erhöhung der Störsicherheit einer Funkalarmanlage

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Procédé pour l'élévation de la sécurité contre les pertubations dans un système radio d'alarme


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[origin: EP0660285A1] The alarm reliability improvement system identifies each transmitted data telegram received from an external radio alarm (A1..An) by the central control and uses a coding method for verifying its validity. The external radio alarms are coupled to the central control via a unidirectional transmission path, with controlled variation of each transmitted data telegram at the transmission side and detection of these variations at the reception side, e.g. by varying known data telegrams in the same manner. Each data telegram may have an identification section for the respective radio alarm and a variable section which is varied during each transmission.

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