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Conduit coupling

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Raccord pour conduites


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[origin: EP0666446A1] A locking washer 54a formed in a conical shape and a seal retainer 56a are disposed between a coupling member 30 and the internally oriented flange 50 of a fastening nut 36a. These locking washer 54a and seal retainer 56a are placed so that an outer periphery thereof is positioned on the side of said coupling member, while an internal periphery thereof positioned on the internal surface of said fastening nut, when no external force is applied on said locking washer. When the fastening nut 36a is screwed to be tightened on said coupling member, the internal periphery of the locking washer 54a having recesses is reduced with its diameter, and the locking washer 54a together with the locking washer 54a urge the tubular conduit 38a into the coupling member 30 and grippingly deformably retain the conduit as indicated by the locking washer 54b. The conduit coupling of the invention is effectively applicable for any conduit formed of rigid metal or flexible plastic material. <IMAGE>

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