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Fan arrangement with aspirator

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Lüfteranordnung mit Aspirator

Title (fr)

Agencement de ventilateur avec un aspirateur


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Abstract (en)

[origin: US5427502A] An aspirator is mounted on a fan shroud surrounding a vehicle cooling fan. The aspirator has a housing which forms a duct which connects an opening to a port for connecting to a vehicle function. The aspirator is spaced apart from the fan and upstream from the fan and extends at an acute angle with respect to a tangent to a cylindrical wall of the shroud. The aspirator has a near edge which faces generally opposite to a direction of rotation of the fan blades and which is parallel to a leading edge of a fan blade when the leading edge is spaced apart from the near edge by a distance which is slightly larger than the width of the fan blade. The aspirator has a flange which projects parallel to a plane of rotation of the fan and generally in the rotation direction of the fan. The duct has a triangular cross sectional shape with an apex which projects in a direction which is upstream with respect flow of air moved by the fan.

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