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EP 0675334 B1 2000-04-12 - Aerodynamic stabilisation and braking device for air-drop body

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Aerodynamic stabilisation and braking device for air-drop body

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Aerodynamische Stabilisier- und Bremsvorrichtung für Abwurfkörper

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Engin largable à stabilisation et freinage aérodynamique


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[origin: EP0675334A1] The missile is equipped with passive stabilisers and is designed to follow an initial trajectory parallel to that of the launch aircraft. It has flexible rear flaps (17) which deploy automatically after launching so that the rate of their deployment varies with the aerodynamic pressure applied to them on release. The forward ends of the flaps are fixed flat to the body of the missile (10), and are reinforced by a series of shorter vanes (20). Otherwise the flaps can be in the form of metal vanes which are pivoted to the rear of the missile and open outwards by the pressure of air against them. Their pivots can be equipped with stops which retract or are broken at a given pressure. <IMAGE>

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