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Change-over switch for high frequency range

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Umschalter für den Hochfrequenzbereich

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Commutateur pour le domaine des hautes fréquences


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[origin: EP0675559A1] The switch has a single input gate (T0) and a pair of output gates (T1, T2) between which the input signal is switched, in response to a control signal, via at least one active semiconductor element. The input gate is coupled to the input arm (EZ) of a Y-shaped waveguide, with output gates at the ends of each output arm (AZ1, AZ2), the latter containing HF filters, switched by diodes (D1,...D4); (D'1,...D'4) of opposing polarity. Pref. at least one filter is of quasi-lumped-element design, with PIN diodes used as the switching diodes, the diodes in one output arm coupled via a control waveguide (S) to a switching voltage. <IMAGE>

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