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Variable configuration road barrier with energy dissipating means

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Strassenleitplanke mit veränderbarer Gestalt und Aufprallenergiedissipationsmitteln

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Configuration variable de glissière de sécurité routière à moyens de dissipation de l'énergie


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[origin: EP0677615A1] The present invention relates to a variable configuration road barrier, including energy dissipating means, characterized in that said barrier comprises a base plate (3), which can be affixed to the ground, and supporting an upright (2), pivoted on the base plate and provided with means for connecting a barrier. On the side of the upright opposite to the barrier, there is provided a strut which is in turn pivoted, at the top end portion thereof, to the upright and, at the bottom end portion, to the base plate (3A). The upright is provided, between the region thereof pivoted to the strut and the region thereof pivoted to the base plate, with means for varying the useful length (6,7) of the upright, in order to allow the upright to partially turn with respect to the base plate, toward the strut. Near the upright length varying means there are moreover provided energy dissipating means, operating against the upright length variation. <IMAGE>

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