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Method for making packaging of great length

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Verfahren zur Herstellung von langen Verpackungsbehältern

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Procédé pour la fabrication d'emballage long


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[origin: EP0680822A2] A method for making packaging of unlimited length, the corresponding equipment and continuous strip of corrugated cardboard packaging thus obtained. This consists of a method by means of which a longitudinal slit (13) is made along the whole length of a roll or coil of corrugated cardboard (1) enabling it to be folded after separating a portion from the roll of suitable length, and possibly some cuts and cutting lines; the device for producing the slit or groove consists of a pulling item made up, for example, of two adjacent rollers (2,3) in line and the actual slit (13) itself is made by the pressure of rings (9) laid out in a fixed or moveable fashion on a roller (8) aligned with another (7) which is used to support this, with cutter holding rollers when cuts and cutting lines have to be made, as well as the corresponding means for length control between cutting cycles. The continuous packing strip has longitudinal slots, and can have transverse cutting lines and longitudinal cuts in both directions starting from said cutting lines. For application in handling rolls for forming boxes or packing. <IMAGE>

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