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Set of mutually articulated elements

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Satz von miteinander gelenkig verbundenen Elementen

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Ensemble d'éléments articulés les uns aux autres


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[origin: EP0682964A2] Each of the components (A,B) in the assembly has at least one straight edge equipped with prongs (A1,A2,B1,B2) which are all of the same length and have recesses (1) and projections (2) on opposite faces of their free ends which enable two components to be joined together and pivot relative to one another. The prongs on opposite components are offset relative to one another and in different numbers, e.g. four on one component and five on the other, allowing the components to be positioned symmetrically when their prongs are engaged. The number of prongs also allows more than one pair of components to be joined together, all able to pivot by means of the linked projections and recesses. <IMAGE>

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