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EP 0683296 B1 20000105 - Partly automatic positionable fitting system for windows, doors or the like

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Partly automatic positionable fitting system for windows, doors or the like

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Teilautomatisch anschlagbares Beschlagssystem für Fenster, Türen oder dergleichen

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Système à ferrures positionnable automatique en partie pour fenêtres, portes ou similaires


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[origin: EP0683296A1] The fitment system is for doors and windows. It has at least two corner deflections (12) insertable in a casement fold circumferential groove (20). Each of them has a corner angle (14) with inverted rail coupling elements at both angled ends. A force transfer member (16) is movably mounted on the corner angle and has drive rod coupling elements (24) at both ends of the member. Each of the two corner angle arms (36a,36b) has at least one bolt member (30,34) movably mounted on the corner angle arm and coupled in movement with the force transfer member to interact with fitment parts or scissor unit on the side of the fixed frame. At least one corner deflection connecting unit (46) comprises an inverted rail section (28). A drive rod section (26) couples each rail end or rod end to the rail coupling elements or rod coupling elements of two corner deflections being connected. <IMAGE>

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