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Lamp holding fixture for a refrigeration apparatus

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Lampenfassungsbefestigung für ein Kühlgerät

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Fixation de support de lampe pour un appareil de refroidissement


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[origin: EP0683367A1] Lamp-holding fixture for a refrigeration apparatus, in particular a household refrigerator or freezer, comprising one or more refrigerating circuits filled with inflammable refrigerant gases and including at least a compressor, a condenser, one or more evaporators associated to one or more food storage compartments, said food storage compartments being illuminated by at least an incandescent lamp supported by a respective lamp-holding fixture (1), wherein said lamp-holding fixture comprises an internal volume (25) that is hermetically sealed off the outside environment and is provided with at least a terminal (18, 35) adapted to establish a contact with or becoming separated from electrical lead wires connected with the power supply circuit of the lamp. Said lamp-holding fixture is provided with at least an opening (10), a shiftable element (12) being arranged inside said opening so as to be able to close said opening due to the action of a spring element (14), said shiftable element (12) being further adapted to slide so as to open said opening due to the action of a terminal (5) that pushes against said moving element, and with at least a contact element (18) that is arranged substantially in a line with said opening (10) being provided inside said lamp-holding fixture. <IMAGE>

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